Comfort Food atbp...

   Eating with family is simply a blessing for me.  

   I remember the times my father brought us siblings to one of his favorite eating place which serves the best kanduli soup in Taytay, Rizal.  After a long and dusty ride, I was just thankful to reach the nipa and bamboo structure where we could rest and enjoy its specialty dish with heaps of steaming rice.  I enjoyed slurping the hot tamarind broth with the fresh kanduli fish with servings of raw mangos and fresh shrimp paste on my rice.

     My father also introduced us to road side restaurants in Bulacan which served bulalo or bone marrow soup. Boy, they have such big servings that we used barbecue sticks to get the precious  marrow off. I placed the beef and the marrow on top of my steaming rice.

   Hands down, my father is the best food explorer for me. I remember the time he cooked a meal which made me realized that boys could indeed cook!   I sensed he got this knack for cooking from his parents and elder sisters who made sure he is fed well being the youngest boy in their family.

    Like my dad. I love to discover  new eating places with my family and friends. I enjoy exploring places which offers authentic  Pinoy food. I also love quaint places where simple meals are prepared and served with lots of care and love.

     I hope to share with you, dear readers,  good places to visit with comfort 
food served by loving people.

July 4, 2014

Comfort Food

1. Chicken mami

The best chicken mami and siopao may be found at Ma Mon Luk!
The restaurant, with its name in big, bold letters, is located at  Quezon
Avenue,near Banawe, Quezon City.

2. Halo-halo by Little Quiapo

     I remember my mother bringing my sister and me along with 
her  in buying rolls of textile fabric at Manila's Central Market. She 
would treat us to a glass of halo-halo afterwards. I have not visited 
that market for a long time but I have found a very good alternative: 
the Halo-halo special of Little Quiapo Soda Fountain and Restaurant 
at Matalino Street,Diliman, Quezon City.

3.  Daing na Isda, Longgonisa and Hot Steaming Rice. Dessert: Papaya!

My favorite breakfast meal is still daing na isda, longgonisa, fried 
riceand papaya for dessert. Hmm, except for the papaya, this may 
not qualify as a healthy meal because of the sodium content of the 
food.  Sige, paminsan-minsan na lang :)

4. CARAMILK CREAMERY Carabao milk ice cream!

Whoa! Love this ice cream!


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