Friday, 13 November 2020

Our Labrador, Basha!


Basha is our one-year-old black labrador, our "gentle giant" who is the youngest among our pets, including our German shepherd and our toy poodle. We brought her home a day before the New Year from her mom's place in BGC, Taguig. We named her Basha, a name I picked from the lead actor's character in the movie "One More Chance."

Labradors like Basha are highly energetic with an enormous appetite.  She enjoys a breakfast of eggs mixed with coconut oil. Coconut oil is a treat for her. Since she is hefty, she needs her exercise. Her morning routine starts in waking up at around 6 am. She'll immediately head to the door to go outside and play with our German shepherd, who treats her like her naughty puppy. She likes to play with her small "pond," a teal-colored plastic basin we bought for her, which we fill up with water for her to swim on.

She is gentle and very friendly to people. She is smart but quite goofy. She enjoys a game of fetch with all of us in the family. She'll bring us her rope toy or her stuffed toy, "Brown," which we then throw afar for her to pick and bring back to us. She would come to me in my work area, put her paw in my lap, looked at me with her big almond-shaped eyes to get my attention. Then she'll ask me for a cuddle where she'll try to go up to lay down in my lap.

Having Basha around made me aware of just how wonderful it is to seize the moment, spend time with loved ones, and snuggle with such a caring, huggable, and playful labrador. 

I just learned that Basha's mom and sibling are now in Ontario, enjoying autumn. I'm glad that they're doing great with their own family, much like Basha.
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