Sunday, 14 February 2016


     The first time that I saw my husband was in a dormitory at Lerma, Manila. My friends and I had a meeting with a youth organizer from the Student Christian Movement of the Philippines. He said that his colleague will drop by in our meeting. His colleague was “sobrang talino (super smart) according to the organizer. Minutes later, we saw his friend, who looks more like a PMA cadet officer with his lean body and straight posture more than the activist that he was, walking past through a pathway near our window. We were introduced to each other. I found out that aside from being the education secretary of SCMP, he graduated magna cum laude from Silliman University. He was affable and respectful, self-effacing yet confident in his demeanor.
     Many months from that day, we became buddies during a protest march held during National Heroes Day. It was kapit-bisig ( arms-lock) as we started walking from Liwasang Bonifacio, up to the busy streets of Quiapo, walking then running towards Claro M. Recto until we had to stop for a while to rest at the intersection before Morayta. It was the first time we were able to stay close to each other as we felt the warmth of each other’s hands and arms. I knew at that time, that I was falling in love with him. I felt safe yet empowered with him by my side. 

      I later found out that he felt the same way. 
     To Lex, I remember that time, mahal, and it makes me smile. Thank you for sharing with me days filled with love, kindness and joy.
Amy Muga Photograph, 2016

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