Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Touching Note

     I  cried when I first read this reflection written by human rights 
lawyer, Atty. Theodore Te two years ago.  I am reposting this in 
memory of the many unsung heroes who have worked tirelessly to 
uphold social justice and human rights in the country.

From Atty. Ted Te: 

     "Why stand for principle? Why fight, struggle, persist, 
persevere? Why go against the grain? Why put heart, 
mind, body, soul, strength, spirit for "hopeless causes" and 
"lost cases"? Why do it, for as long as I can remember?

     Because someone once did it: for me, and for countless 

others whose names they did not know, whose faces they 
had not seen, whose lives they had not encountered.

     Because, once when we were not free, someone stood 

up for principle; fought, struggled, persisted, persevered; 
went against the grain; put heart, mind, body, soul, strength, 
spirit for the many "hopeless causes" and "lost cases"; and 
did it for as long as they could remember--so that the country 
I call my own and the people I love could be a little bit freer; 
to fight, yet, another day.

     Because, even to this day, there is a need to do so. At this 

time, on this day, the struggle of Bonifacio, of Diokno and 
Tanada, of Alejandro and Olalia, of Joe Burgos for a freer and 
more just Philippines remains.

     Why stand? Why struggle? Why speak? Because there is a 

need to. "

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