Friday, 25 April 2014

Empowering Girls Through Sports

Bunso at Volleyball Training Camp, Photograph by Amy Muga, April 2014
Strong Girls Train for Volleyball , Photograph by Amy Muga, April 2014

Digital Artwork by Amy Muga, April 2014

Sports empower girls. My elder daughter was once a varsity basketball player in her school while my younger one is now training for volleyball. Both of them are strong girls who I am proud of.

How does sports empower girls? Let's take it from this quote from the organization Women Win:

" Developing Agency

Agency is the ability of a girl to act in her own self-interest. Sport gives girls the opportunity to develop self-determination in a safe environment. In a sport program, girls have an opportunity to become leaders, to witness and be applauded for their own progress, and to use their voices. This can increase girls' belief in their own abilities. This translates into everyday life - it encourages them to take initiatives and attempt things they never assumed possible. Building agency for one girl doesn't just help her, it also helps those around her. As she begins to exercise her muscles of leadership, she becomes an increasingly valuable contributor to her family, her program and her greater community."

Photograph taken for bunso at the Shakey's Summer Camp

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