Friday, 2 August 2013


"Naniniwala ako that a mother's love is so strong, it can bring back a missing son." - Editha Burgos 

     A movie on a mother's love, a family's pain and the reality of enforced disappearance in the Philippines was screened at the Cultural Center of the Philippines last August 3, 2012.  Entitled,"Burgos," the movie was directed by Joel Lamangan and its screenplay written by Ricky Lee. 

     More than  6 years ago, an activist and peasant organizer, Jonas Burgos, was forcibly taken by armed men in broad daylight  inside a popular mall.  He was shouting, "Aktibista lang ako" (I'm just an activist)  on top of his voice attracting the attention of many who may have felt helpless or may have deemed it wiser to get uninvolved. 

    What could have happened if many have dared to stop and challenge the people who abducted Jonas? What could have happened if those people who witnessed the abduction surfaced during the ensuing investigations  and  legal proceedings? Is it still dangerous to be involved in situations like these?  Would we remain as bystanders in situations such as this?

 Ano ang maari nating gawin kapag naharap sa sitwasyong kinasasadlakan ng ating kapwa?

Burgos Official Movie trailer from Heaven's Best Entertainment

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