Friday, 1 February 2013

Caring for the Self

     Days before the year ended, I had another bout with asthma. I had asthma more than a year ago when I was doing work in an urban poor community. I was concerned whether what I have is just an ordinary respiratory problem or a more serious one such as tuberculosis since this disease is prevalent among the residents of the community. If ever I had this disease, all the members of my household need to have preventive treatment against tuberculosis. I am thankful that the test results came out negative.

     I realized more than ever that I need to take care of myself more to be able to serve and continue my work.

  1. Boundary setting is important.

         Learn to define what you can do or what you cannot do for others. It helped that I was able to set internal boundaries in my work and in my relationships with other people. I learned that it is okey to accept that there are things I am capable of doing to the best of my ability as well as things others may do better. I may be a counselor but I am also a mother to my daughters, a wife and bestfriend to my husband, a social justice advocate and activist and many others.

  2. Writing my Reflections in my Journal

         Writing to me is therapeutic. It is one way I "debrief" myself from certain experiences. My creative side flourished when I was writing again. I used to write on paper journals but I discovered blogging and I found it helpful for writers like me. I started writing my blog, " Paglalakbay sa Puso ng Isang Ina: Journey to a Mother's Heart" only last year. Two weeks ago, I discovered another lovable site where you can post your stories on a wide range of topics. My posts may be read on

  3. Physical Exercise and Nutritional Care

         I commit myself to exercise more, cook more healthy food, laugh more and care more. Two weeks ago, I attended the Ginhawa Wellness retreat and I learned so many things that may be done to take care of one's self. I learned how to breathe correctly, I meditated, exercised and stretched my body under the morning sun.

  4. Learn something new everyday!

         I am studying Baybayin which is the writing system used by our Filipino ancestors. I remember a Dutch priest who was calling me "Diwata" from the Baybayin inscription etched on my home-made pendant. Ang husay niya!

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