Monday, 14 January 2013

January Blessings

     I took the GINHAWA well-being retreat last weekend at the Assumption Convent retreat house in Antipolo. It was a welcome respite for me as  I reaffirmed my commitment to life's abundance and infinite possibilities.

Blessings on a Sunday morning ( photo credit: Amy Muga)
     I am thankful for the time and the opportunity to reconnect with myself and others, to learn to breath again, to listen to others as they tell their continuing journey towards wholeness. I appreciated stretching my body, breathing clean air, listening to serene music pouring out from indigenous musical instruments, walking barefoot on a warm Sunday morning, taking time to capture the beautiful scenery on my tried and tested camera. 

    It is at this time that I reaffirm my faith in the goodness of people, the kindness of the earth and that of a gentle Creator. It is also in moments like these that I remember the people in my life who have inspired me and served as my mentors and guide.

Light seeping in the garden of the Assumption Retreat House (photo credit: Amy Muga)
       Bathala nawa! God's will be done. Kabutihan nawa! Goodness be done!
My Gratitude Corner :)

      When my husband asked me where I would love to spend my birthday, I told him it can be  anywhere as long as I am with them, my family. I did hope to see the skyline of Metro Manila during the night.  Indeed the Friday overnight stay in Antipolo exceeded my expectations. 

      It was like staying with my family in the home of my dreams  where there were big open windows, a homey ambience and gracious people around.  Indeed, I had a lovely birthday where my heart was filled with so much joy. Salamat, mahal kong Lex and my daughters Rais and Gi. I love you so much.


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