Tuesday, 8 January 2013

A Mother's Story

      There is a Filipino saying quoted by many parents to their children, "malalaman mo lang ang pinagdaanan ng iyong mga magulang sa pagpapalaki sa iyo kapag naging magulang ka na rin" ( you will only know the hardships experienced by your parents in raising you when you become a parent yourself).  

    She remembered her  own mother mention this  in passing so many year ago.  Being  an activist then, she decided to leave the university and work full-time in the anti-dictatorship struggle. She  left home, one day in October, hoping that one day her parents could finally accept her and the path she has chosen. It was some time, when she saw her mother in Morayta right before a multi-sectoral rally in Mendiola, that she knew the depths of her mother's love.  Both of them cried upon seeing each other.  

     Years after, she became a mother too, she learned the pain and the joy of raising her children. She became an expert in multi-tasking, juggling out different roles as a mother, a mentor, a coach, a confidante, a driver, a homemaker. There were times she realize she may never be the perfect mother  she hope she'll be. She realized that she needs to be compassionate to herself too as much as she is compassionate to others. She knew that much as her daughters needed her support and guidance, they would also need to be given time and space to be themselves and to learn from their experiences. 









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