Monday, 5 November 2012

Songs, Lullabies and Authentic Love

     I count among my blessings, my two daughters who I am very proud of. My elder daughter grew up to be a loving  and empathetic person; she helps me in my work with marginal communities.  She is likewise a caring and responsible "ate" (elder sister) to her only sibling who is affectionate and who loves her very much. They were born twelve years apart, both "dragon" babies according to the chinese zodiac. Both of them are gifted with loving hearts. 

   Like many other couples starting out their families, Lex and I lived simply and frugally. Both of us would commute to our places of work; even to my last term in my pregnancy, I was still riding a jeep to and from work. We didn't even find it necessary to buy our own camera to document the birth of our first child. It was only when I was wheeled to the nursery to visit her that I realized that we needed one. A father, who was taking pictures of his son, volunteered to take the picture of my daughter and send it to us. I am so thankful for his kindness and generosity.

   Singing lullabies and favorite songs were our lifeline during times when our daughter would wake up in the middle of the night and cry. Since I was recuperating from childbirth, I asked my husband to carry her at night. It was then I heard my husband singing to her lullabies and beautiful Visayan songs such as Matud Nila and Usahay, a song I grew to love so much. I still hear him sing these songs today.

   When my younger daughter was born, Lex stayed inside the delivery room until she was moved to the nursery. Hay, he wanted to make sure that our bunso (youngest childwas safe and the nurses took care of her.

During the birth of my second child ( photo taken by Lex Muga)

   He likewise sang  Usahay  with bunso and she also loved it.  She was soothed by the beautiful melody and the loving baritone voice of her father. 

     I am thankful that Lex was there for us from the very start. He is the expression of magis for me. He has no qualms in helping me with household chores and taking care of our children. He encouraged me to do my best in whatever field I am in and to pursue the activities  and causes I am passionate of.  


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