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My Sister's Story

I became a  full-time youth organizer, leaving my home and my studies, before I graduated from colleage. My sister, Minx, gave me this reflection about her conversation with our mom during that the period that I left home as her gift to me and in memory of our mom. I am sharing segments of her story, with her permission - Amy Muga The fire trees were on their last blooms. Their crowns are aglow with flame-like blossoms not unlike the dying embers of campfires. The golden shower tree swayed in the wind. Its grapelike cluster hung like droplets of golden sunshine. She was looking thru the window as she folded my sister's clothes. Staring in fact yet oblivious to the explosion of colors gifted by the trees she has planted and tended from seed. "Do you know where she went?" My mother's voice was reeking with sadness. "No, I have no idea." "We have to search for her." I let out a deep sigh for I could foretell what our arduous search would entail. I hav

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