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Remembering Nanay

                                       Photo by  Aaron Burden  from  Pexels   It was the time of disquiet then; the protest movement against the dictatorship intensified in many parts of the country after the death of Ninoy Aquino. I knew during that time that I shall be taking a different path from the ones chosen by many, including my siblings and friends, who graduated from my university. I left the comfort and familiarity of my home became an organizer in the youth and student movement, preparing myself to work with people in the margins in the countryside. I left home one day in October, leaving a letter of thanks and expressing my gratefulness to my parents for being there for my siblings and me from the very beginning. I know, in my heart, that one day my parents would be able to accept me, their activist daughter. So many things happened after I left home. I learned the value of hard work, sacrifice, and commitment during those days. I realized how much I missed my family when

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